Get spiritual with everything from ageless classic whiskies, gins and vodkas to fruity liqueurs. We have a choice of your favourite artisan tipples plus plenty of select varieties...

Whether you're looking for a clean single malt Scotch or Japanese Whisky, or a botanical layered artisan gin, you'll find we have one of the most extensive collections of hand picked spirits and liqueurs in Richmond. Why not mix up a few classic cocktails or offer a special aperitif to your guests before a decadent dinner? Call in and browse, or discuss your specific requirements with our in-house Sommelier. We regularly run informal spirits tastings throughout the year, accompanied by an external spirit specialist.

If there's a particular favourite that suits your palate, please feel free to call ahead on 0208 892 2505 and we'll do our best to make sure we have suitable choices ready for you.



SCOTCH WHISKY - Single malt & finely blended Highland, Lowland, Islay, Non Islay, Speyside & Campeltown whiskeys, from some of the finest distilleries in Scotland

WORLD WHISKEY - Single malt & carefully blended Japanese, American, Irish & Taiwanese Whiskeys

COGNAC & BRANDY - Frapin & Hine, to name but a few, from some of the most renowned Champagne Houses in France

GIN - London Dry, Plymouth, Contemporary, Cask Aged & Old Tom gins, from distilleries all over the UK & Europe

VODKA - Premium & Classic vodkas from distilleries across Europe

RUM - White, Dark & Spiced rum from artisan distilleries in the Caribbean

TEQUILA - Reposado, Blanco & Anejo from specialist distilleries in Mexico

SAKE - Honjozo & Ginjo-shu from well respected houses in Japan

ESOTERIC LIQUERS - Vermouth, Aperol, Cointreau, Limoncello, Bitters, Grand Marnier, Grappa & Cassis... amongst many others